SOLARKIOSK installation in Africa with the E-HUBB at the front, surrounded by the mall area. Photo © by SOLARKIOSK

access2innovation partners with SOLARKIOSK

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The access2innovation association has teamed up with SOLARKIOSK – an award winning innovative company from Germany that sets up solar powered retail hubs in developing world countries.

SOLARKIOSK has developed a solar powered kiosk known as an E-HUBB.
The E-HUBBS offer solar powered autonomous renewable energy products and solutions, Wi-Fi, cooling facilities and other energy services such as document printing, mobile phone charging, etc. to people with low income in off-grid areas.
The concept includes local franchisees that run the E-HUBBS and use them as a platform to sell the various retail products and services. This means that the E-HUBBS by default create jobs locally, but the access to energy has a community impact on a larger scale.
“After setting up each E-HUBBS, the next step is to establish malls around the E-HUBBS with other businesses that we can provide with energy,” explains Thomas Rieger, Director of Business Innovation for SOLARKIOSK. “We then invite entrepreneurs to run their businesses from there. It could be a barbershop, a cinema or a restaurant. The idea of partnering up with access2innovation is to invite other types of businesses that are based on productive use of appliances.”
More than eighty per cent of SOLARKIOSKs customers are involved in agricultural activities. This means that potential businesses could be technology that relates to post-harvest treatment, food processing or the entire food value chain, Thomas Rieger says.
“If we are in an area where corn or maize is grown, it could be interesting to put up a small mill for grinding flour, packaging it and then selling it through our network of E-HUBBS,” he suggests.

Exclusive access to the perfect match
The newly formed partnership gives access2innovation members exclusive access to SOLARKIOSK installations, explains access2innovation CEO Jacob Ravn.
“One of the challenges for many Danish SMVs who wish to venture out on the African market is the supply and distribution chain. SOLARKIOSK provides well-established infrastructure, electricity, connectivity and exposure to the BOP-market. They are already there. It provides an ideal platform where our members can test their solutions and significantly lower the cost for ground installations and need for local service staff,” he says.
“With the partnership we gain access to a unique platform where our members can test and scale solutions within community based poultry production, low cost water pumps, drying and cold storage facilities - just to mention a few of the potentials,” says Jacob Ravn.

“The partnership with access2innovation is a perfect match. Access2innovation is looking to promote and scale technology from their members and SOLARKIOSK is actively looking for these new types of technologies and business ideas. It makes a lot of sense for us to look at your current cases and pilot projects, but also for future opportunities to create value and impact at the BOP,” says Thomas Rieger.

So far, SOLARKIOSK has established 200+ E-HUBBS in 11 countries with an estimated impact reach of 5 million people.

SOLARKIOSK enables and empowers the sustainable economic development of Base-of-the-Pyramid (BoP) communities worldwide through the provision of clean energy services, quality products and sustainable solutions. Intertwining an award-winning technology solution with an inclusive business model, SOLARKIOSK fosters local entrepreneurship at the BoP. Currently SOLARKIOSK operates 200+ solar powered retail platforms (E-HUBBs), thereby having established one of the largest and fastest growing Pan-African off-grid wholesale and retail network.
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