Sine Sørensen, Head of Communications at Evershelter. Photo © by access2innovation

Finding new paths to funding

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28 people took part in the access2innovation workshop ”Show Me the Money” that took place at Jyske Bank in Aalborg yesterday.

The workshop focused on how access2innovation members can get access to funding from donors and investors and featured a number of highly informative talks about The Innovation Fund, Borean and EU funding opportunities - as well as info about more alternative funding models such as crowd lending and impact investment strategies.

Besides the expert talks, the workshop set aside no less than two hours for the participants to network and conduct bilateral meetings with the present funding experts.

“We know from experience that you can get a lot of valuable information through talks and keynotes,” says access2innovation CEO Jacob Ravn. “But if you want to get some data that applies to you specifically, you need some one-on-one consulting with the experts.”

The event was the first in a series of workshops that aims at addressing some of the most common challenges that cross sector partnerships come across when trying to develop innovative solutions for developing world markets.

“It has been really interesting to hear from different actors in this field. It opened our eyes to the fact that there are many other funding opportunities than we were aware of. We really look forward to following up on this,” says Sine D. Sørensen, Head of Communications at Evershelter.

“Today has given me a lot of valuable knowledge about how to look for funding in other places than usual. And the opportunity to meet with this network of companies and associations is definitely something that I am going to use in the future.” says Petrea Krag Burba from Hop.

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