Participants at the workshop at Danish Red Cross, February 23rd, 2017. Photo © by Thomas Knapp, access2innovation

Innovative relief aid solutions in development

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As part of the project Deciphering the Relief Aid Market supported by the Danish Industry Foundation, ten interesting innovative concepts for the relief aid market was presented and discussed at a workshop at the Danish Red Cross in Copenhagen on Thursday, February 23rd

The ten concepts have been developed in collaboration between private companies, researchers and humanitarian organisation who have spent the last six months doing feasibility studies within the fields of sanitation, clean energy, water, connectivity, sheltering and camp management – focusing especially on refugee camps and disaster response situations.

At the workshop, companies and organisations presented their findings and ideas in order to collaborate and spar with each other.

Of the ten concepts it is expected that between 4-6 partnerships will be selected to receive funding of up to 500.000 DKK to further develop the solutions and turn them into viable solutions that meet the demand of end-users as well as being economically sustainable for the Danish companies.

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