Child friendly latrine solution. Photo © by Icono

ICONO wins Danish Design Award

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The Danish design company Icono that recently joined the access2innovation association has won a Danish Design Award for their child-friendly latrine prototype.

The latrine has been developed as an alternative to the dark, smelly and insect infested latrines that are usually found in refugee or relief aid camps.
If latrines can be more inviting and less scary, there is a much higher chance of them being used properly – avoiding the obvious hazards of human waste being scattered all over the camps.

“Icono is a high-profile design company that we are proud to welcome into the association,” says Jacob Ravn, CEO at access2innovation. “We look forward to working with Icono and helping them succeed with their innovative solutions that hold the potential of making the World a better place.”

The child friendly latrine has been developed in collaboration with Peter Kjær Mackie Jensen from University of Copenhagen’s “Master of Disaster”-programme. University of Copenhagen is also a member of the access2innovation association.

Icono is an expert company within integrated design solutions. It is known for a range of different design solutions – including major scale architectural solutions, lighting, hygiene products and even the design of the Danish passport.

Read more about Icono’s latrine solution.

Listen to Peter Kjær Mackie Jensen from University of Copenhagen talk about the latrine on Danish Radio P1.

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