Danish insulated piping installed by ea energy in Mombasa, Kenya. Photo © by ea energy

Finding the right path to business

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access2innovation has played a crucial part in finding the right partners in Africa, says Eg Andersen, owner at ea energy.

ea energy specialises in sturdy insulated piping solutions for hotels, hospitals, processing plants and other major industries.

As part of the Danish Cleantech Group, ea energy is targeting the East African market with durable, high-end solutions and a business model that has been tailored to fit the specific market and financial structures in East Africa.

However, one of the crucial parts in establishing a sustainable business in Africa is the access to the right network. If not, you can easily spend a lot of time and money chasing the wrong people, says owner Eg Andersen.

“We were used to doing business on a highly regulated market in Europe, but Africa is just very different - also when it comes to business culture. It can be very hard to figure out how to approach large companies, who to trust and how to cut through the red tape,” he says.

“To us, access2innovation has been a phenomenal partner in that respect. They hold a lot of knowledge, have a lot of experience and have a large network of really useful contacts in many different sectors that have been vital for us.”

Access2innovation has granted ea energy funding to further explore the market in Kenya.

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