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New guide for partnerships between companies and humanitarian organisations

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Partnerships between companies, humanitarian organisations, authorities and other institutions are one of the most effective methods for solving global humanitarian and environmental challenges.
A new guide presents experiences collected from a range of Danish partnership examples, all of them aiming to combine humanitarian solutions, development aid and good business.

access2innovation has been a partner in the project along with 30 other organisations and companies. All partners have shared experiences from global and local partnerships in which their core competences have been essential in developing new solutions, new business models, new markets and new knowledge.

“Having worked with facilitating these kinds of partnerships since 2007, it is a great joy to see the focus that is now being put on cross-sector partnerships,” says access2innovation CEO Jacob Ravn. “The guide is a very useful toolbox that we are proud to host on our website in the years to come.”

Danish Red Cross and Deloitte have analysed the experiences collected from different partnerships. The result is a guide that focuses on nine vital steps and a series of inspiring cases. The aim is to help companies and organisations steer clear of some of the most common pitfalls in cross-sector partnerships.

The guide is available free of charge for everyone at the access2innovation website and is accompanied by a number of cases, templates and other tools.

Cross-sector partnerships have recently been put at the top of the global agenda  and made essential in implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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