C.F. Nielsen briquet press in Ghana. Photo © by C.F. Nielsen

Danish briquetting machines make Africa greener

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The expert Danish briquette press manufacturers C. F. Nielsen has been granted funds from access2innovation to research the market potential for their products in East Africa.

C. F. Nielsen has 70 years experience of producing some of the World’s best and most advanced briquetting machines that can turn waste from agricultural production and sawmills into energy-efficient briquettes.

“Basically, we’re looking down two different business strings,” says CEO Mogens Slot Knudsen. “The most obvious path is to focus on the large-scale industrial presses that can produce large quantities of briquettes for factories and mills, but there is also an obvious market potential if we can develop a smaller scale solution that can be used to make briquettes for small-scale producers or villages.”

By turning sawdust and waste from various agricultural production into energy-efficient briquettes, valuable material that would otherwise have been wasted in the fields help solve an imminent energy need in a sustainable way.

In order to develop a smaller scale system, C. F. Nielsen has to find the right business model in order to target a broader and less financially strong customer group. One way of doing that could be through access2innovation’s large network of researchers, NGOs and other companies.

“We’re a commercial company and we have to make money. But if we can do good at the same time, that is certainly also an incentive,” says Mogens Slot Knudsen.

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