Funding granted for new partnership companies

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Access2innovation has granted funding for seven companies.
Funding through the European Regional Development Fund (GLOBAL):
50.000 DKR to carry out a feasibility study for the company Agro Business Development A/S in relation to coffee farmers at Mt. Elgon in Uganda who work with the Danish company Farm Mountain ApS. The aim is to rationalise working processes and increase profits by using resources like water, fertilizer and other by-products more efficiently.
250.000 DKR for Anders Risager to develop and test a business model for base camp sanitation in close dialogue with Red Cross users.
250.000 DKR for the company Paysafe to develop a safe, reliable and practical payment system to ensure access to water, sanitation and energy for low-income consumers.
Funding through the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation:
150.000 DKR for the companies Dansk Solvarme ApS and CO2LIGHT A/S to develop sustainable energy / solar powered LED-lightning solutions in Uganda and Kenya.
50.000 DKR for the company Scale Biofuel ApS to carry out a feasibility study on the development of an innovative business model for marketing bio-fuel in Uganda.
150.000 DKR for the company Høgenhaven Invest ApS to develop small mobile power units to supply energy for base camps in emergency areas.
All funds are given as co-financing.

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