Agreement on Kasese collaboration signed

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The Danish municipalities of Aalborg and Frederikshavn along with the University of Aalborg and access2innovation have signed an agreement with Kasese in Uganda to work together to develop and implement sustainable solutions within green energy, waste management and sanitary solutions.
Based on a market driven approach, the partners will work together to help Kasese achieve its goal of becoming self-reliant, green and poverty free.
The unusual collaboration will be focusing on three areas:
Education and capacity building with the municipality in Kasese in order to heighten the awareness and level of knowledge about sustainable solutions, business models and technologies.
Building partnerships with students and researchers at the University of Aalborg that can perform test and analysis of sustainable solutions in Kasese.
Setting up partnerships between Danish and local businesses in order to test and implement green solutions in Kasese with the aim of building trade and sustainability.
The agreement was signed in Kasese last week, but the outlines of the agreement were drawn in December when Danish politicians, companies and researchers visited Kasese along with access2innovation.
The Kasese districy has been chosen by WWF as a Green Energy champion District with the aim of making the area independent of fossil fuels and deforestation by 2020.
When the agreement was signed last week, Kasese was struck by serious floodings as a direct result of deforestation and global warming.

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