Back from Uganda

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Access2innovation and a string of Danish companies, researchers and representatives from Danish municipalities have returned from a business exploration trip to Uganda.
The trip was divided into three lines of interest:
Agriculture – visits to coffee farms on Mount Elgon in the Mbale area where both newcomers and experienced businesses got a deeper understanding and business possibilities by looking at differentiated value chains and business models rather than focusing on technical solutions.
Sustainable energy solutions with WWF – despite the heavy floodings that hit the Kasese area, Danish companies met with local counterparts to discuss different solutions for the existing grid as well as solutions that are based on small-scale grids in mountain villages.
The One-stop-shop project with Red Cross also went to Kasese to explore the possibilities of testing sanitary solutions on selected locations in the area and explore the feasibility of setting up sanitary units.
On the delegation trips to Mbale and Kasese, the delegates met with local authorities, companies and NGOs in Kampala before flying back to Denmark.
As an added bonus, the mayor of Kasese signed an agreement with the municipalities of Aalborg and Frederikshavn and Aalborg University to work together on developing sustainable solutions locally with the help of Danish skill and know-how and including student and researchers form Aalborg University.
The first steps to the agreement were taken in December last year when Danish politicians and officials visited Kasese with access2innovation.

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