Floodings hit Kasese during access2innovation visit

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Heavy floodings caused by rains, deforestation and global warming have hit Kilembe in the Kasese district during access2innovation delegation trip.
Floodings in Kilembe in the Kasese district, May 2013.Photo by Job Mutyaba, WWFSo far, the floodings have claimed the lives of seven people and caused tens of thousands to leave their homes.
Heavy rains have caused the rivers to rise to many meters above the usual flow, bursting dams, tearing down bridges, washing crops away and flooding homes.
The floodings are mainly caused by heavy rainfall in the mountains. Because of deforestation, the waters have rushed down the mountainsides and into the streams much more violently than usual.
By coincidence, a delegation from access2innovation is visiting Kasese to further develop solutions within solar power grids and waste management with WWF and to sign an agreement between the city of Kasese and the municipalities of Aalborg and Frederikshavn to work together to develop sustainable energy solutions.
“This really underlines how important it is that we develop the right solutions and get the people here to stop cutting down trees and use alternative sources of energy,” says access2innovation head of secretariat Jacob Ravn.
“We have the technologies and we need to find a way to implement them here in a commercially viable way. With the partnerships with WWF, local authorities, Danish municipalities, companies and universities in the access2innovation network, I think we have all the pieces in the puzzle to make it possible.”

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