Waste handling in Hanoi. Photo © by David Christensen

Waste to energy in Vietnam

Littering and waste is a major threat to the environment in Vietnam.

The lack of a well functioning waste collection system has led to pollution of important wetlands and mangrove. access2innovation and the NGO Vedvarende Energi (VE) have identified specific needs and possible solutions that have been developed in a partnership with Danish companies Kom-tek, Odense Renovation and Aaen.

Together, they have developed a waste collection and waste-to-energy solution that has transformed the waste from an eco-hazard to a valuable source of income and energy.

The companies have been granted 50.000,- DKK. from access2innovation for the preliminary analysis and market research. This was essential in setting up the partnership that was trying to establish commercial activities in Vietnam.

 The project is no longer active through access2innovation.

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