Local man going through waste in the streets in Kasese, June 2012. Photo © by Jakob Brodersen, access2innovation

Waste to energy in Kasese, Uganda

The Kasese district in the South Western region of Uganda faces a serious challenge; it has been appointed Green Energy Champion District by the WWF and must be completely CO2-neutral by 2030.

One of the obvious opportunities is to find ways of transforming the city's abundance of waste into a source of energy. Access2innovation has been working with a number of local and international partners in Kasese to work out sustainable solutions for the city's waste handling system.

The project is not currently active, but you are welcome to download our icon pdf1 waste to energy concept note from 2012 as well as the icon pdf1 report on waste management in Kasese that was done by students from Aalborg University in 2013.

Watch the access2innovation video doc about waste to energy below.


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