Solar powered chicken incubators

Rethinking the African agriculture and creating commercial farming is essential in order to meet the increasing demand for food.
Production of protein sources such as chickens are important for the nutritional health, but equally so for its market value.

Sunchick is a cooperation between the Danish companies Agro Business Development Ltd. and Danki Ltd. They have developed community based solar powered incubator units for sustainable chicken and egg production funded by micro loans.

With its design it enables a stable and controlled production cycle from egg to chicken all year round - securing a rise in the hatching process from 10 percent to 69 percent. With controlled feed supply, the chicken also become much more nutrient. This produces a high quality mix of eggs and broiler meat for the consumer segment.

With the enclosed compartments it is even possible to collect the chicken waste and use it as fertilizer. For the local producer, the chicken incubator improves yields dramatically by creating an enclosed, properly heated, more hygienic environment for the eggs to ensure lower mortality rates and provide healthier chickens.

Evidently, the production provides better quality with limited fixed costs thanks to built-in solar system.

One  Sunchick incubator unit

  • produces 6000 day old chickens per year
  • provides a yearly income for approx. 15 families of 550 - 1.100 euro
  • creates a added value in the local community of at least 13.500 euro per year. The derived impact on the wider community isestimated at factor 10-15.
  • improves the production of local chicken  through systematic breeding

One complete incubator system costs approx. 4.700 EURO (FOB). With the current market prices on eggs in Uganda, the payback time is max. 5 years.

access2innovation has supported Agro Business Development in Uganda in forming partnerships with:

  • Seniorer Uden Grænser (Seniors without Borders) - A Danish NGO with ties to Uganda that has facilitated the contact and collaboration with the Safe Neighbourhood Foundatio
  • Safe Neighbourhood Foundation - A Ugandan NGO that has supported in finding potential local farmers as well as collecting project relevant data.
  • Konserve Consult Ltd. - The local solar energy consultancy and technology company in Uganda in charge of installing and setting up the solar units. The company also manages the local maintenance of solar panels as well as providing the necessary spare parts.
  • Assima Agric Concern Lt. - A local farming consultancy company in Uganda in charge of training and educating the local farmers in proper caretaking of poultry, feed supply production, maintenance. The company also manages the establishment of a parent-farm to cultivate extended production throughout the district. They also provide vaccines for the livestock.

The incubator project is now being scaled up with the installation of 23 units in Uganda with funding from the Bestseller Foundation.

Watch our 2014 video spec on solar driven incubators below:

 For more information, please contact Henrik Anker-Ladefoged, CEO of Agro Business Development A/S

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