Aquae Vitae Jordan

Due to a massve influx of refugees from neighbouring Syria, the water supply in Irbid municipality in Jordan is under serious strain.

In collaboration with the local Yarmouk Water Company, the partners aim at developing a better and more energy efficient water supply method.

The project includes developing a monitoring system, new hydraulic calibration models and a business model that benefits the Yarmouk Water Company as well as the Danish partners.

By ensuring a better and more energy efficient water distribution system, the project aims at relieving the substantial pressure on the scarce natural water resources in the area.

Partners: Enviclean, Grundfos Holding A/S, Energi Viborg, Viborg Municipality, Danish Refugee Council, Confederation of Danish Industry

Where: Irbid, Jordan

This project is supported by the Danish Industry Foundation under the “Deciphering the Relief Aid Market” project. Read more…

Water saving toilet valves

The Danish company ecoBeta has developed a water saving device for flushing toilets that allows for a drastic reduction in water usage.

The device is inserted in a flushing toilet cistern and reduces the average water usage with 40 to 50 percent.
Furthermore, the insert valve has only very few moving parts and is therefore extremely low in maintenance.

Through the network AfWA (African Water Association), ecoBeta has gotten into contact with the water authorities in 40 African countries – an enormous market potential.

Access2innovation has granted ecoBeta funding for two in a pilot projects in Cote d’Ivoir, where more than 200 inserts have been tested on a number of sites in the capital Abidjan.

Visit the ecoBeta website.

For further information, please contact Ole Stein at the access2innovation secretariat.

Pay E-Safe

Despite the fact that a number of mobile payment systems already exist throughout Africa, safe payments of small amounts and use of voucher systems are still not available.

In close collaboration with the One Stop Shop initiative, Pay E-Safe has received funding from access2innovation to test a low cost, easy to use payment and voucher system in Kasese, Uganda.

The Pay E-Safe solution enables poor consumers to access clean toilet facilities and sanitary products that would otherwise be out of reach.


For more information please visit the Pay E-Safe website, or contact Simone Dyhr Johansen, CEO of Pay E-Safe, at +45 6081 806

Waste to energy in Vietnam

Littering and waste is a major threat to the environment in Vietnam.

The lack of a well functioning waste collection system has led to pollution of important wetlands and mangrove. access2innovation and the NGO Vedvarende Energi (VE) have identified specific needs and possible solutions that have been developed in a partnership with Danish companies Kom-tek, Odense Renovation and Aaen.

Together, they have developed a waste collection and waste-to-energy solution that has transformed the waste from an eco-hazard to a valuable source of income and energy.

The companies have been granted 50.000,- DKK. from access2innovation for the preliminary analysis and market research. This was essential in setting up the partnership that was trying to establish commercial activities in Vietnam.

 The project is no longer active through access2innovation.

Steam powered water pumps

Access2innovation has granted funding for the Danish company WaterBySun to develop and test a steam-powered water pump. The aim is to develop a solar driven, low-maintenance low-cost water pump for use in relief work as well as commercial settings in Africa.

For further information, please refer to Jacob Ravn, head of the access2innovation secretariat.

Waste to energy in Kasese, Uganda

The Kasese district in the South Western region of Uganda faces a serious challenge; it has been appointed Green Energy Champion District by the WWF and must be completely CO2-neutral by 2030.

One of the obvious opportunities is to find ways of transforming the city's abundance of waste into a source of energy. Access2innovation has been working with a number of local and international partners in Kasese to work out sustainable solutions for the city's waste handling system.

The project is not currently active, but you are welcome to download our icon pdf1 waste to energy concept note from 2012 as well as the icon pdf1 report on waste management in Kasese that was done by students from Aalborg University in 2013.

Watch the access2innovation video doc about waste to energy below.


Water and sanitation

Access to clean water and hygienic sanitation facilities are vital for a long and healthy life.

358 million African lack access to clean water and more than 840.000 people die each year from water related diseases.

Clean water through renewable energy in Tanzania

access2innovation and NGO partner MS ActionAid are working towards developing solutions for more efficient water cleaning.

In Arusha, Tanzania, MS ActionAid is looking at renewable energy solutions in order to solve the problems related to the vast energy consumption attached to water purification.

With the Danish company Green Valley, a unique water pump and cleaning system has been tested. The main purpose of this project was to establish weather water can be purified in the required quantities and quality by the use of sustainable energy sources. This would in turn fit with the overall agenda of Ms ActionAid of becoming more green.

At the same time, the expected financial gains from succeeding in getting clean drinking water will only amount to a fraction of the cost of today.


The project is not currently active.

One stop shops

The One Stop Shop project targets and intervenes with the hazardous danger to public health of open defecation and lack of access to clean water and sanitation, which are primary issues in poor areas.

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