Access2innovation brings together civil society organisations, businesses, public institutions and the academic world in new collaborations, creating new sustainable solutions and business models targeting developing countries and the relief aid sector.

The partners come together to work out solutions to concrete problems in the developing world and allow business partners to access vast new markets with sustainable products that are in demand.

Cases and track record

Over the years, access2innovation has been the facilitator of a range of different projects that have merged the worlds of humanitarian organisations with research and commercial ventures.

This has resulted in a series of sustainable and economically feasible initiatives that aim at combining sound investments with bettering the everyday life for people in developing world countries, supporting green growth, local economies and the general health.

Deciphering the relief aid market (Knæk koden til Nødhjælpsmarkedet)

Deciphering the Relief Aid Market

The project “Knæk Koden til Nødhjælpsmarkedet” sets out to establish a Danish innovation platform that enables humanitarian organisations, private sector and academia to efficiently develop and commercialise needed solutions.

With support from the Danish Industry Foundation, Danish Red Cross, DanChurchAid and the Danish Refugee Council is teaming up…

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New concept notes

access2innovation has compiled a number of new market overviews and concept notes on possible business cases.

The overviews cover the following areas: agribusiness, aqua culture, connectivity, energy, housing and water & sanitation.

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